What Are The Importance Of Guidance And Counselling In School?


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The years that you are at school are when you learn the most and should be given guidance and direction so that you know what to do when you are an adult.

At school you learn the educational elements, but there are also social elements to life that you should be taught. This is where guidance and counseling come in.

Both of these should teach you some social aspects of your education that are not on the syllabus. You will be able to ask questions that are more personal or you can go to the tutors about any issues you have when choosing subjects and deciding what to do at college. Although there is not an exam you can take, it does help you with decisions that will influence you in later life and help you to learn different social elements.

The importance of guidance and counseling in schools includes:
  • To talk to someone when you have a problem or when you do not know where to go for an answer.
  • About your career choices.
  • Sexual education and guidance.
  • That issues can be resolved when you choose to talk to someone.
  • The ability to trust what someone is saying and to trust other people.
The things that you talk about when you speak to the guidance person will be in confidence unless they feel that the health or safety of someone will be in danger if they do not tell some one.

This is extremely important for children and teenagers to learn so that they can transfer these skills in later life and be able to talk and open up in other situations.
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It helps the students to develop appropriate interviewing skills and search skills.
It helps students to cope with interpersonal relationship and crisis management.
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To enhance the performance rate of pupils in emotional and physical matters.
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I think it is important to have guidance councillor's in schools because if someone is going through hard times with there family and don't have many friends who else can they turn to for help
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For  students  that  need  to  talk over  family problems  or  students  who are need to discuss critical  moments  within  their  life , Maybe  school  bullys are bothering them and they need help

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