How Can I Calculate Mileage?


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Here is the way I do it. Fill your gas tank all the way. Reset your trip odometer or write down the mileage number from the odometer. The next time you get gas, fill your tank all the way then write down the amount of gallons you put in the tank. Then write down the mileage number from your trip odometer. If you don't have a trip odometer, write down the mileage form the odometer and subtract the number from the last time you filled up. Now you have the amount of gallons you used and the amount of miles driven. Now divide the amount of gallons you just purchased by the number of miles driven. There you have it. For example, say you just put in 12.6 gallons and you drove 330 miles, then divide 330 by 12.6, that would be 26 miles to the gallon. Thanks, Mike
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  Well, you are the best person to know your car's mileage, since you are the one driving it. Gas prices are always on an upscale, increasing constantly as the price of crude oil increases, but they never seem to fall back down. If you have failed to determine the kind of mileage you car is giving and have spent a bomb ob gas this month, you can either use one of the online mileage calculators to calculate the mileage or you can have your car checked by a professional to determine mileage.

  An online calculator will not only determine your car's mileage per gallon of gas but will also calculate the number of kilometres per litre, how many litres per 100 kilometres, cost that you pay to drive your car per mile or per kilometre and also the annual amount of taxes you pay according to your gas consumption. You need to enter some information like last fill up, price of the fuel, how many litres of fuel and annual mileage. You can find an online calculator here:

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