How Can I Calculate The Percentage Of A Vote?


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It's quite simple really; the thing to understand is that percentage literally means "per hundred" so basically you have to convert your total number of voters to 100. eg if 2000 people voted and 500 voted "yes" then 2000 divided by 2000 multiplied by 100 equals 100. Now apply the same formula to the nuber of people who voted yes, ie. 500 divided by 2000 multiplied by 100, which equals 25 per hundred or 25%. Hope this makes sense as I'm not a maths teacher!
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If total no of vote 1768 and vote cast 1627 I got 254 then  I got what % vote
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Notice that "cast ballots" and "voted in the election" mean the same thing. I.e.:

60.5% of the voting age voters cast ballots
85.7% of registered voters cast ballots

OK, let
a = # of people voting age
r = # of registered voters
v = # of people who voted

So we can rewrite the first two statements:
0.605 a = v
0.857 r = v

Notice this means:
0.857 r = 0.605 a

Now we want to find r/a (portion of voting age people who were registered), so we can rearrange the equation to say:
r/a = 0.605 / 0.857
and put that into your calculator to get your answer. (And multiply by 100 to get a percentage, if you want). I suggest you Percentage calculator through this you get more results about How to calculate percentage .

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If there are only 10 members voting what would be the number polled?   What would be the simple number?   And what would be the percentage?

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