How To Convert Pounds Lost Into Percentage Lost?


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If you're on a diet or plan to start losing weight, you may want to know exactly how to convert pounds lost into percentage lost. Luckily, it's quite simple to ascertain the percentage with a simple formula. To begin, you should know your current weight (pre-dieting). Then, step on an accurate scale to find out how many pounds you have lost, and record that number. Now that you have the data you need, you should subtract your lower weight from your original weight - the number left over (remainder) indicates your total weight loss in pounds. For example, if you started out at a weight over 200 pounds, and you now weigh 175 pounds, you've lost 25 pounds.
To start the formula for converting weight loss from pounds to a percentage, divide the remainder found in the last step by your original base weight. For the example weight, you'll arrive at 0.125 (25 divided by 200). In the final step, you'll need to multiply the decimal number by 100 to get a percentage calculation. When you do this for the example number, you'll get a weight loss percentage of 12.5. You can adapt this formula for any weight loss. If you don't know your exact weight before starting your diet, do your best guesswork, as the initial number will always play a role in your result.
Today, many TV programs, such as Biggest Loser, help to inspire and motivate men and women who need to drop some pounds. The program always features a weigh in, and this weigh in has a competitive aspect; in fact, the person who loses the most pounds "inches" closer to winning lots of cash and prizes. You can also schedule regular weigh ins when you begin your diet - simply use the pounds-to-percent formula to get an even more specific sense of how you diet is working. Sometimes, lowering your percentage of body fat can be a very effective motivational tool.
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It is very simple to convert pounds lost into percentage lost. Simply find the percentage of pounds lost from the total pounds. E.g. If the weight was 90 pounds before the contest and got 80 pounds after weight loss. The percentage would be
x% 0f 90=10
x=10x100/90= 11.11%
Thus the weight lost in percentage is equal to 11.11%
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Can you convert pounds of body fat(89lbs) into a bodyfat percentage.

Total body weight = 202.6lbs
Total lean body mass = 113.8lbs
Pounds of body fat = 89lbs

I'm trying to find out what the bodyfat percentage would be?

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