What Are Answers To Honolulu Famous Typing School Worksheet?


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The answer to the 'famous Honolulu typing school' maths question is WHA-CKA-KEY. The 'joke' is that this sounds like both whack-a-key (what you'd do at a typing school) and Waikiki, a famous beach in Honolulu. You can see questions that lead to the joke at

If you're looking for other downloadable maths worksheets with similar senses of humor, try or

You'll find plenty of Hawaiian jokes at sites like,,

and Here are a couple of examples:

Q: How do you beat up a lumpia?

A: You pansit

Q: What do you call a MAHU from Micronesia?       

A: MicroSoft!

Maybe you had to be there. We'll have more of a laugh with this YouTube film of Hawaii's most famous comedian, Gabriel Iglesias:

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