How Can I Register For Apprenticeship At Sasol Or To Register As Member At Sasol?


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Registering for an apprenticeship at Sasol or to register as a member is pretty straight forward, as this prestigious company allows you to peruse the latest news and offerings via their website.

Sasol is a huge international company that is based in South Africa.  The company is heavily involved in mining, energy, chemicals and synthetic fuels and is known for producing petrol and diesel from natural sources, such as coal and natural gases.

Sasol has a huge work force, and offer a myriad of careers, from simple, administrative positions to hands on positions such as mining rock engineers, mechanical engineers and geoscientists. Every year, Sasol run useful schemes for students such as bursaries, and for those that are interested in on-the-job learning, sought after apprenticeship schemes.

Apprenticeships or "learnerships" are offered frequently by Sasol, but as they are such coveted positions and offer so many benefits, the positions available are usually snapped up quite quickly. It is always a wise idea to be signed up to Sasol's comprehensive website, as this is the place they will advertise their latest job vacancies and apprenticeship schemes.

When you log onto the Sasol website, you will notice a prominent 'Careers' link at the top of the page. It is in this section that you will find all of the available job vacancies, including any Sasol apprenticeship schemes. When one is available, you will be able to click onto it and then apply. Before you do this, you will be taken through a registration process. Once you are registered, you can then login to Sasol's website at any time and peruse job vacancies and apprenticeships, check the status of your application and upload any forms or documents relevant to your application.
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I can register for apprenticeship at sasol by going into their website and fill in the form that will be available under careers
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How can I apply for an apprenticeship or learnership programe, having that the blurtit site does not show me the forms?
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By applying on an enternet cafe

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