What Are The Factors That Affect The Reading Process?


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The factors that affect the reading process include vision, comprehension, and education. Firstly, in order to read, a person must have proper vision. When people have vision problems, they may require large print books and other materials in order to understand what they are seeing. Since blind people can't read printed words on a page, they will need braille books and resource materials to enjoy stories, textbooks, and so on. Luckily, there are plenty of braille works for blind or vision-impaired people to enjoy.

Other Factors

• Comprehension is related to intelligence quotient and neurological and psychological processes. A person with certain psychological or neurological challenges, such as ADD (attention deficit disorder) or brain damage (perhaps from an accident or head injury) may need special help to comprehend what they are reading. However, there are many specialists and teachers who are experts at teaching people with challenges how to overcome obstacles and increase their reading comprehension.
• Education is always an important factor that affects the reading process; children (or adults suffering from illiteracy) must be taught reading the right way, in order to get the most out of reading lessons. As babies and toddlers, children should be read to, so they grow used to the process before they begin to learn on their own.

Without proper reading skills, life can be quite challenging; most careers will involve reading, accompanied by writing and basic or complex math skills. Reading is truly one of the building blocks of life, and it offers benefits to readers for their entire lifetimes. There are many ways to affect the reading process - getting vision tested, dealing with vision challenges, and seeking out proper education can go a long way towards increasing comprehension and speed while reading printed words on a page, notebook, magazine or computer monitor screen.
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1. Social process
2. Psychological process
3. Physiological process
4. Perceptual process
5. Linguistic
6. Intellectual process

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