What Are The Factors Affecting The Reading Process?


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There are many factors that affect the reading process; a person's IQ, their spatial ability, and their level of education may all play a role in how quickly and easily they read, and how they comprehend the words they are seeing. For some people, speed-reading is commonplace; certain people simply have an affinity for reading in their native language. For others, reading is a huge challenge, which can be exacerbated by learning disabilities, poor teaching, and many other factors.

Other Factors That Affect The Reading Process

• Problems with vision and balance can also affect a person's ability to read properly. Enjoying reading will be easier when you've attained perfect 20/20 vision through an eye exam and prescription reading glasses (or contact lenses).
• People with dyslexia often have great difficulty understanding the words they see written on the page; for them, words appear to be out of sequence, or confusingly jumbled. Special education (the earlier, the better) can bring the dyslexic reader up several grade levels, based on increased speed and ease while reading.

As you can see, there are myriad factors that affect the reading process. The size of print can also play a role. Large print books are often preferable for those who have trouble with their vision. The elderly may also prefer large print, as vision tends to deteriorate with age. Today, computer e-books (such as those produced for the Amazon Kindle e-reader) often feature adjustable fonts that can be made larger or smaller according to a person's needs and preferences. In the future, many libraries will carry digital books that can be adjusted on an e-reader or home computer.

The challenges associated with reading may require the help of a tutor or classroom instructor. Often, adults who have grown up ashamed of being illiterate are able to learn the skill of reading with tutors and teachers. It is never too late to experience the joys of reading, although it can be a difficult task for many people, for a wide range of reasons.

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