Where Do You Get Student Loans For Non Accredited Colleges


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A degree from a non-accredited college is very difficult to evaluate in terms of its monetary value.  To secure a loan, the provider will have to evaluate the potential income that can be generated by a job with this degree, which is difficult because these colleges do not provide training that lead directly to mainstream jobs.  However the situation is not all bleak.  A few loans that cover the educational needs of those studying in private schools, non-accredited colleges etc include Academic Management Services K-12 Family Education, the Key Education Resources Achiever Loan, M&T Bank K-12 Education Loan, prep GATE K-12 Education Loans, Parent Loans for Elementary and Secondary Education (PLEASE), Wachovia Education Finance loans and Your Tuition Solution.  These options provide loans that are very similar to those sponsored by the government.  They also allow the students to apply for a bigger amount of money.  These loans are especially useful for international students and those enrolled in distance education programs or in non-accredited colleges.

Another option is to check with your non-accredited college itself.  Explain that you are having a problem getting a loan because they are not accredited.  They will need your enrollment sufficiently to help out in some way.

There are two major pitfalls to getting a loan for a non-accredited course or college.  Firstly whoever the lender might be, your terms of repayment will be stricter than for a loan for a conventional college.  Usually for the latter, you do not need to make payments until you have graduated and found a job with a certain specified minimum salary.  If the loan is for a non-accredited college however, the payments may begin even while you are still studying the course.  Secondly, the interest and payment rates could be somewhat higher than what your counterparts in the accredited colleges are paying.  But the important thing is that you will have some assistance and when you are a student, even a little goes a long way.
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You cannot get student loans for non accredited colleges. It is not permitted. You will have to get a private loan from a bank or from another lender.

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The school suggested Sallie mae but he was not approved. Any other suggestions?
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Hi, Im in the same situation right now and having trouble finding aid. Were you able to solve your situation? Any help or advice would be appreciated. THX! Kelly
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Many federal and private student loan lenders will not offer loans for non accredited schools because many non accredited schools have bad reputations. I suggest that you ask the school you are planning to attend to if they have any ideas regarding what you can do. They might be able to help.
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Where can I get a loan in the US to fully fund my medical school tuition at Oceania University of Medicine a foreign medical school not federally affiliated?
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Hi donna...i am glad to see your question. Have you had any luck with this? Hope we can chat regarding this. Hope to hear from you
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I m trying to full fill dream & trying to get a loan to studio audio engineering & sallie mae turned me down;also this school is can't take the G I BILL either.
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Well there are many ways which you can try in order to get loan for the non-accredited college. Most of the loan granting authorities does not grant loans to the non-accredited colleges because the universities are non accredited colleges and universities. So there are many other ways which you can try in order to get loan for the non accredited college. First and the most easiest way you can try is that you can contact with the administration of the non accredited college because you can contact with the college if they know any of the granting authorities which favors grant for their college so that you can easily makes grants for your colleges.

There are some banks as well who give the loan to the students irrespective of their reputation to the students on the need based so you can contact them for getting the loan for your education. Some governments are supporting their home country student for giving loans to the students who are willing to continue their education. So there are many ways you can try to get the loan.

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