Do People Speak The Old Norman Language Still In Normandy?


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The language spoken in Normandy, the Norman Language, is still spoken today by a minority of the population and can be heard in remote areas of Normandy in mainland France. However, the Norman Language, reffered to as a romance language, has no official status and is classed as a regional language, with French being the only official language in all of France. In other parts of Normandy such as the Channel Islands, Jersey, Guernsey, Alderney, Sark, Herm, Jethou and Brecqou; the Norman language has developed seperately over the centuries to form a newer form of Norman. In Jersey, Norman has developed into what is today recognized as the Jersey language, Jerriais the language Dgernesiais in Guernsey and Sercquiais in Sark. In Alderney, Auregnais was formed but the last native speakers Auregnais died in the 20th century. As with other languages worldwide, different dialects of the Norman Language can be heard. The northern, southern, western and eastern areas of Normandy all have developed a Norman dialect of their own.
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My sentiments exactly katep. I agree with your statement that  only a few people actually speak the old norman language. =)

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