There are 15 people in total. 7 speak French and 8 speak Spanish, 3 do not speak either language. How many people speak both languages?


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The answer to this maths problem is that three people speak both French and Spanish.

Explanation: How To Arrive At The Solution

Out of the 15 people, the 3 who do not speak either language are not relevant to the question, and so we can start by removing them from the equation completely. 15 - 3 = 12, so we are left with 12 people. The 7 French speakers and 8 Spanish speakers must come from this group of 12 people.

7 speak French and 8 speak Spanish, but 7 + 8 = 15, which is more than the total number of people who speak either language. We only have 12 language-speakers, so the Spanish and French groups must overlap, with some people being able to speak both languages.

15 - 12 = 3, so the French and Spanish groups overlap by 3 people.

This means that 3 people must speak both French and Spanish.

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First of all,  7+8+3 doesn't equal to 15, it equals to 18.

Second of all, the answer to your question is neither because only 7 speaks french and 8 speaks Spanish, there were no information indicating within the people who speaks Spanish or french speaks another language as well. As of the 3 extra people, they don't speak ANY language. Enough said.

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