When Is RUFUS GIWA Post U.m.e Take Place And What Is The Court Of Mark For Post U.m.e General For RUFUS GIWA POLY OWO?


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It is unlikely that anyone on the Internet will be able to give you a timetable for when the U.M.E examinations are taking place. The only people who will know that are the people who write the exam and your school or college as they may have access to examination timetables.

  • Ask your teachers
If the exam period is approaching your school or college, then the best people to ask about your examination timetable will be your individual lecturers or teachers who will be able to give you more information. If you have a personal tutor who knows all about your individual studies then you should speak to them.

If the examination period is really close, then your personal tutor or subject tutors may be able to hand out copies of your examination timetable to you. Once you have this, you will then be able to see how much time that you have left until your exams and you can start to plan your studying.

If your teachers know where to get your examination timetables, then it may also be worth asking them whether they can get your photocopies of past papers that students have taken in your subjects before. That way, you can use these as part of your studying regime to test your knowledge so far. This studying method is often encouraged by teachers and schools.

  • Contacting your examination board
If your teachers cannot help you find a timetable of your examinations then you should try getting in touch with the board that sets your exams. Even though they may not be able to tell you exactly when your exams will be, they may be able to give you a rough idea of when you will be taking them which will be good for your studying for the time being.

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