How To Write A Sick Leave From School?


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If you are writing a letter to your child's school to explain why they have been off from school due to illness, then there is a particular way that you will need to word the letter, as this is not like writing a letter to your work.

Unauthorized absences can leave a black mark on your child's school record but they can usually be resolved in a note is sent to the school from parents after the child has returned explaining why they were absent. Writing a note is a definite way to make sure that your child's absence is excused, and all you will need is a pen and paper, or you could type the letter on the computer and print it off.

• The first thing that you should do is make a note of today's date at the top of the paper. Notes from parents are usually kept on file just in case they are needed for future reference.
• Your letter should start with a greeting. You should address the letter to your child's teacher, in the case that they only have one. If it is the school policy that all notes explaining absences must be sent to the administrative office, then you can address it to "Dear School Secretary" if you do not know who works in the office.
• Make sure you identify who your child is at the start of the letter. Then list the dates that they were absent from school and then the reason for their absence.
• Your note should end with a standard closing statement for example, 'Yours Sincerely' if you know the person you are writing to or 'Yours Faithfully' if you do not know the person. Sign and print your name at the bottom.

It is usually the school's policy that unauthorized absences must be explained within two weeks after the absence, otherwise the absence cannot be authorized.

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