What Is An Easy Way To Convert A Decimal To A Fraction?


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It really depends on the number or digits in the fraction. Something like .365 is more difficult to covert than say .2

Essentially what I do is make the fraction over a power of ten indicated by the postion of the decimal place. For example. .1 would become 1/10 .01 would become 1/100 .001 would become 1/1000

Then you reduce the fraction.

So in our initial examples. .2 becomes 2/10 which reduces to 1/5.365 becomes 365/1000 which both the denominator and numerator are divisible by 5 making your final answer 73/200

This does not, however, take into account irrational numbers or fractions like .3333 or .6667 but those should be easy enough to remember. (.3333 is 1/3 , .6667 is 2/3)

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