Is The Cornish Language Still Spoken?


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Cornish is spoken mainly in Cornwall and by a few people in Australia and America. It is related to Breton and Welsh. There are around 300 fluent speakers, and many more with some knowledge of the language.
The earliest known examples of written Cornish date from the end of the 9th century AD. It started to separate from Welsh in the 7th century. Old Breton and old Cornish are very similar. From around 800 - 1250 old Cornish was used with traces still surviving through place names in eastern Cornwall. Medieval Cornish is the term used for the language spoken from 1250 - 1550 and literature such as religious plays, poems and sermons still survive. Late, or modern Cornish from 1550 evident in folk tales, song and poems etc. gradually died out by the end of the 19th century.
In 1904 Henry Jenner learnt from native speakers publishing a 'Handbook of the Cornish Language'. He also learned to speak Breton. He attempted to revive the language.
Today, magazines and newspaper articles are written in Cornish . BBC radio Cornwall have news broadcasts in Cornish and programmes for learners.

The language is taught at Exeter University and in a few schools.

Cornwall for ever - Kernow bez vikan
Can you speak Cornish ? - ello why clappia Cornoack ?
I can - Me ellam I can speak Cornish - Me el clappia Cornoack
I will not speak English - Me na vadna cowz a Sousnack

thank you - durdaladawhy
how are you ? - fatla gena why ?
I'm sorry - droag ew gennam
I'm angry - engrez o ve
I love Cornwall - Theram cara Kernow

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What a wonderful answer. It taught me so much I didn't know, and my grandparents were Cornish! Did you pose the question as well as answer it, by any chance?

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