How Do I Add Fractions That Have Whole Numbers?


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There is no such thing as "fractions that have whole numbers". However, I believe you are probably asking about Mixed Fractions which has a whole number plus a fraction. Such as 3 1/4. Adding mixed fractions is pretty easy, as you just have to convert it into an improper fraction. Here is an example:

2 1/5 + 3 2/5
= 11/5 + 17/5 ( First multiply the whole number with the denominator and then add it up with the numerator to get the new numerator)

= 28/5

Thus 28/5 is the answer.
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1 1/5 + n = 3 3/4
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You would have to first convert a whole number fraction into a simple fraction and then add, lets take an example of whole fraction and simplify it in normal fraction as 2 whole 4/5 will be simplified as (5*2+4)/5 = 14/5. Once the fraction is attained then the equation or problem is solved as normal fractions are solved.

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