How Much Does A Cna Tuition Cost?


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CNA stands for Certified Nurse's Aide and the tuition for one of these positions in the growing health care service field can vary anywhere from $400 to $1000. However, if you play your cards right, you can make money while you work and get your CNA certification for free.

There are programs that can be completed in a matter of weeks as well as programs that can take up to an entire college semester. The choice is all yours and you can find these classes at community colleges, vocational schools, and through correspondence courses. Demand for workers in this field is expected to expand exponentially in the next decade as the population continues to age. However, this job is not for everyone as a CNA has to perform several difficult duties such as:

• assisting elderly residents with some of the most basic bodily functions
• lifting resident and patients who can be quite heavy
• staying on your feet for hours at a time and walking considerable distances during a shift

If you can handle the vigorous physical requirements of the job, you can expect to have job security for the foreseeable future no matter where you live. Pay for this job is steadily rising and it is also a great career start for someone who is interested in becoming a registered nurse. You'll work side by side with a registered nurse for much of your time and you'll be able to see up close and personal what the job requirements are for this position as well.

There are a number of ways to pay for CNA tuition costs and also various ways of working yourself through the program and earning pay while getting your certification. Check the requirements where you live since things can vary from state to state.

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