Where To Find Free CNA Classes In Philadelphia, Pa?


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Free CNA classes are available through various health care providers in Philadelphia and the surrounding area.  You will have to contact individual organizations and care facilities to determine how they finance the training and which arrangements are suitable for you.  The following links and resources will provide a variety of local organizations with relevant information.

Scholarships and various forms of financial aid are available, and community agencies such as Human Services can assist your search.  You need to understand the terms on which the assistance is offered though; some CNA employers train onsite and will pay for training or reimburse you upon course completion, but many will require you to work with them for a certain length of time, or to repay the tuition from your earnings.  Others will reimburse you upon successful completion of the course.

CNA licensing resources you may find helpful in locating free CNA classes include the Pennsylvania Nurse Aide Registry, the Pennsylvania Department of State - State Board of Nursing, and Pearson VUE - Pennsylvania Nurse Aide Testing & FAQs. 

The website "www.nursegroups.com/CNA_Programs/Pennsylvania”  has a wealth of CNA-related information.  Along with extensive state-by-state lists of training providers you can query, you will find links for practice tests, video tutorials, study tips and assorted CNA publications.  You will also find useful information on some of the job search engines on-line (e.g. www.job-search-engine.com/keyword/cna-tuition-reimbursement/), including facilities in various states where training is provided as part of their hiring package.

CNA certification in the State of Pennsylvania requires a high school diploma or GED and 75 accredited hours of course work with 100 hours of clinical rotation.  A current background check is required, along with two fingerprint cards, photo ID, two passport-sized photos, a negative TB test (within the past 6 months) and proof of immunizations.  

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts an 18 percent increase in demand for medical assistants over the next ten years.  This is good news in terms of job security for anyone pursuing a career as a CNA.
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I don't know if there are any free ones but you can find a list of CNA programs in Philadelphia here www.cnatips.com and I suppose you can try contacting them to see how much they cost. As far as I know, you can get nursing homes to pay for your training and certification as long as you agree to work there for a time period (usually 6 months) after you pass the CNA exam.
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Hi,  Many nursing homes/ retirement homes who employ nurses aides, will also offer free training for your commitment to work for say, 6 months.  It would be worth your while to contact a few in your area.  Here is a link to a website where someone did just that!  It may not be your "area" but I think this is the same everywhere.  http://allnurses.com/forums/f152/any-md-nursing-homes-provide-cna-certification-240073.html
I hope this helps.  Take care :-)
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No there are no institutes in Philadelphia, Pa offering free CNA training programs. However you may find some colleges offering you fee concession.

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