How Do I Write Request Letter For Dropping A Subject?


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It's quite easy to write a request letter for dropping a subject; all you need to do is create a formal business letter and let the teacher, professor, or department head know that you want to leave the subject. Of course, there are some other things to think about, such as letting people know why you are leaving the course. Obviously, if you're writing to your teacher, you may feel compelled to share your reasons for disliking, or choosing to leave, a certain educational course; while this is usually fine, you must always be diplomatic...

  • Be polite

Bear in mind that you should almost always be polite and diplomatic when you write down your reasons for leaving; being rude or combative can work against you as you attempt to get a teacher's approval to leave a course. In general, it's better to be civil and polite at all times, even if you can't stand the course or the teacher. Of course, if you're leaving for a practical reason that isn't related to course quality or teaching quality (such as scheduling conflicts), it's fine to put the exact reason you need to leave in the first paragraph of your request letter.

  • Writing tips

Your letter should always start with Dear ______, and end with your printed name and a cursive signature just above your printed name. This style of letter is a typical business letter, and it works well for any formal request. If you're running a Windows operating system on your computer, you should have easy access to Word software (a free trial download is available online). Word offers a template for business letters that is super-easy to follow, and it can be found by searching the software's help feature - just type in "business letter", and you'll get access to the template, as well as lots of tips and instructions.

A request letter for dropping a subject is very basic - as long as it's in a professional, business letter format, you just need to explain why you're leaving, and make sure the letter is addressed to the right person.
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It would be wise to write a letter detailing your reasons for wanting to drop a subject and it is likely in many situations that you will have to take up another subject to make up for dropping one.

You might feel that your skills set isn't matched to your subject, or having started the course, that it is of no benefit to you, maybe it is irrelevant to the career you think you want to go into.

Here is an example of wording:

"Dear Dir/Madam,

I am writing with regards to my course in ...  After careful consideration, I feel that I would like to discontinue the course.  I have found that I am not enjoying the subject and the content we are being taught is not what I expected.  After leaving school/college I am hoping to pursue a career in/do a degree in..., and I do not feel that this subject is conducive to following that through.

Of course if I need to make up credits for my year by taking another subject I am happy to do so. 

Please let me know what the next steps are that I need to take to make these changes to my curriculum.

Many thanks for your time,

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Just check with front office
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Actually you don't need to make a letter for dropping subjects, go to your school's respected registrar's and request for a dropping form, then fill that up and then after that, give it to your subject professor..

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