What Are The Different Types Of Reading Skills?


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There are many types of reading skills and all have their uses in different situations.

The first type of reading skill is called 'Selective Reading'. This means a person will not read the entire book from start to finish but will instead check the content or index pages and see what is relevant to them. They will then jump to those pages listed and so only spend their time reading pertinent sections.

Another type of reading skill is something called 'Skim Reading'. This is when a person will go through the book from start to finish but will not fully read everything. They will get a 'flavor' of the book and understand the subject it covers without fully digesting every single word. This is great if a person is short of time.

A much more detailed approach is called 'Close Reading'. This is when somebody will really study the book they are reading. Each word will be analyzed for a hidden meaning or the symbolic connotations. This is used when students may be studying a particular text to write and essay on or for an exam.

'Speed Reading' is another type of reading skill. This is great for people who do not have much time but need to digest all the information the book provides. It is a skill that can be honed with practise and can be a great asset; which potential employers look for.

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