Help Me, How Can I Get A Sponsor For My Education?


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Everybody is not blessed with wealthy parents, brothers, sisters or even relations. At some point in our life we tend to look around for help and sometimes that help may not really come from nearby places. The first thing is to be looking for help in reaching a goal. For example we often look for sponsorship for education, sponsorship for medical treatment, and many other things and there are always places to ask and reach out to that might be able to lend a hand of help.

Things you will need: Access to the internet, proof of academic background, and proof of inability to sponsor yourself or proof or inadequacy of your family.

Get all the necessary documents of your previous academic background and a proof that you have gained unconditional admission into the school or university you are in or you are planning to further your education in.

Get a transcript. Any transcript from your previous institution or from your current school testifying on your academic and behavioral excellence will help convince people that helping you will not be a waste of money.

Notify the institution of your inability to continue with your education without some external help and follow their advice, if any. Most institutions have scholarships for students with certain academic excellence, take advantage of this. Some institutions also receive donations from generous people to help the less privileged like you. When issues like this are announced, don’t hesitate to come out and benefit from it.

Write to the commissioner for education in your state; soliciting his help in finding you a sponsor. Include photocopies of all these documents in your letter and indicate your contact details in full, including your phone number.

Use the internet and search for a sponsor. Unlike other methods, using the internet will afford you the opportunity of getting in touch with many people across the world.

Lastly, you can write to dignitaries and or individuals you know who might be of help. Instead of asking the person to sponsor your entire education, you can ask for help or for payment for a semester or two.
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Hi am hannah 4rm kenya am 16 n my last year in secondary school n I really need some help because I want to go to university someday
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Am the student of university how can I get sponship o continue with my masters degree?
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There would be a few universities in your area which can provide you scholarships to study abroad if you are good at studies. If not possible, then you can apply for US scholarships for students online by getting admission in one of US institution. Visit the following links to get information about US colleges & universities and scholarships.

USA Colleges & Universities
USA Scholarships
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I want to study theology in England and need a sponsor or schoolarship. I have had two Kidney Transplant operation in 2004 and 2008. I also had a heart operation 2 months before the heart operation in 2008. I have been living on life saving drugs which are expensive. I am a priest ordained in 1999 serving in Asaba Doicese Church of Nigeria.
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Hello, I'm daniel from the philippines,16 years old I am looking for someone who ca sponsor my education!!please help me!!I want to achieve my dreams!I want to become an accountant someday!!please support me!!
You can call me at this no.  09187500799
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Hello,my name is Lily, I live in Armenian,I am 18 years old,I have quit school,,,I have taken part some international progress,Now I learn in University as a physiology,I know 3 languages:English,Russian,Armenian,I learn perfectly,but I have not enough money to continue my education in any foreign city,because there is not enough knowledge here,when I graduate The University,I will work and certainly I will pay the amount,,I promise,,,,please help me,,,,Thank you
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Am now finishing form six and am looking for sponsor to help me
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Hello my name is Richard Canoy,24 year old.I'm from Philippines,I want to find a good hearts that help me to continue my studies,I want to continue my Nursing,
And I can guarantee my self  If I finished my study I will work abroad,and find the sponsor and work to them and serve them?
Ds s my number 00639273442851 .
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I'm joanna marie javier from Philippines I finished my elementary life at 2010 and now I'm a high school student. I want to finished my studies. Please help me to finished it.
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Hello waiting to join university but really want some one to sponsor me coz I got no where to get fees for ma schooling in the university if anyone wants to help me I will so grateful
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Am augandan for sure am stuck because I struggled to finish university bt am not graduating I owe adebt to pay .Am Ronald
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I am Amritha MBA graduate.I am from a poor family.  I did my MBA with bank loan.I passed my MBA with high mark(2008) unfortunately I didn't get any job till this time.So that I have no way to repay the loan. But I want to study more.I have already one bank loan so I didn't get further bank loan assistance.please help me I want a sponsor for my further education.I am interested to do a social work course.I will pay the amount after getting my job.please support me.

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