I'm to be Sponsored on my studies so where could i get the Sponsors any can help me please?


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It is difficult to give a definitive reply to this question as it is unknown where the study will take place and what the study involves. Options vary greatly between countries, as well as areas of study. Either way, the first step is to inquire at the relevant university whether merit based scholarship programs are available.

  • Local Organizations or Authorities
Another option is to contact local authorities or organizations who are in some way related to the desired field of study to see if they would be interested in sponsoring the individual.

  • Programs of Work and Study
Many students take on jobs in study related organizations or on campus. It is worth inquiring about such opportunities.

  • Grants or Loans
Then, of course, there is the possibility of applying for a grant or loan. Again, it depends to where the student is going to be situated, as options vary.
In the US, a student could try these possibilities:
Endowment Scholarships, a system where wealthy individuals set up funds to help students; scholarships provided by independent groups or individuals or Pell Grants, Perkins or Stafford loans.
In the UK, students can often find help at UK Sponsorship or UK Visas, which explains about the so-called Tier Four sponsorship system.

  • Global Sponsorship
Finally, there is the chance to subscribe to the IEG Sponsorship Market Program. As well as being able to locate potential sponsors here, students can also add their name to listings from which they may be chosen by sponsors.

  • Family Friends
Most universities are also happy to accept students sponsored by family friends, another viable option.

We hope that this information, brief as it is, will be at least of some help, and wish the student all the very best of luck in their effort to find a suitable sponsor.

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