How To Calculate Index Numbers ?


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This is an example I just found and I want another one similar to it
The small firm of Tastynibbles Ltd likes to give all its workers a Christmas party. The snacks are provided from Tastynibbles stock (a useful way of running down any extra stock before the Christmas/New year holiday), but they have to buy the drinks. They buy bottles of red and white wine (all at one price), 6-packs of beer also all at one price and litre bottles of soft drinks which are also priced the same as each other.
The first Christmas party was in 1990. It was a great success and so has been held every year since. We'll now look at how we can use index numbers to compare the cost for the base period of 1990 against the cost for a later period, taking the particular year of 2000 for our example.
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Sean Mccarthy earns $20000 a year, john Nowak, $35000.What is Jiohn's income as an index using Sean's income as the base?
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192 to 171
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What kind of index number do you want to calculate. If you could give some specific examples, it would be easier to answer your question.
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Profit per Unit (£)
Weights 2008 Q3 2008 Q4
North 27 4.16 4.00
South 31 3.76 3.78
Central 48 3.14 3.14

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