How To Solve X-y=3 6x+4y=13?


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X-y=3 6x+4y=13, so x=y+3 , then 6(y+3)+4y=13, 6y+18+4y=13, 10y=-5, so y=-0.5. X=-0.5+3=2.5
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We can solve it by many methods. Lets solve it through simultaneous method.  >>>choose equation 1 >>>  x-y =3 >>> send y to right side >>> x=3-y >>> now put this value of x in second equation i.e. 6x+4y=13 >>>> 6(3-y)+4y=13 >>> 18-6y+4y=13>>>18-2y=13>>>2y=18-13>>> 2y=5 >>y=5/2>> now put value of y in equation 1 >> we get >>> x-5/2=3>>> x=3+5/2 >>x=11/2

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