Is Dalloway High School Real?


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No, it's an unaccredited diploma mill. Stay away. Earn a real, regionally accredited high school diploma at Ashworth High School, Penn Foster High School, or Continental Academy. A lesser expensive option would be to simply pass the GED tests from your own state. Just study for it. There are lots of GED study books out there.

Other known currently active mills are:

Belford University
Lorenz University
Ashwood University
Almeda University
Must University
Randford University
...or any other college or university offering any kind of "Life experience degrees." A real college degree is one that you actually have to work for and is recognized by CHEA ( and the US Dept. Of Education. There are both national and regional accreditation's that are valid in the United States. Here is a link you can use to check & see if a college is legit or bogus:

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