Is Nation High School fake or real? This is because Iam so scared. I have registered with them and I pass their test for the High School Diploma. Now , I just heard people saying its fake. Please tell me


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Nation High School is an internationally accredited school. It is accredited by Distance Education Accreditation Body (DEAB). You don’t need to worry at all. I am a lecturer at IVY tech college and I have seen so many working students now shifting to Nation High school. When it comes to choosing between work and education, there is always a confusion. Nation High School not only facilitates that but also provides you with an accredited diploma accepted worldwide. Although there are exception but overall acceptance is higher.
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Nation High School is a scam, and I am the proof. Three years ago, Nation High School sent me a diploma that was worth none.

My employer "Duke Hospital," ran a check on this school and found out it was a diploma mill. I called the school many times asking them why they would scam me out of my hard earned money.

The reply was, "Nation High School is an accredited school and its diplomas are accepted all cross the world, and we wouldn’t scam our students.”

Next, I asked the person on the phone some more questions and the next thing I remembered was the end tone. I lost $225 on this crappy diploma.

I made a poor judgment on this school because I thought I was going to better myself at this school. So please, do not get scam by this school. Go and get a GED. It is better and 95% of colleges do accept it.

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