Is My Cna Licence Still Valid?


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It depends on the state that you live in, so you need to go to your local Board of Nursing’s website. The website will show give you the opportunity to look up a name or a license number, and it will show all the licenses that person has, as well as additional information including an address, complaints against them, former law suits, issue date, license number, and their expiration date. This will allow you to find out whether or not your license is still valid for use.

You will also get a notice through the mail, however. In order to continue practicing, you need to take heed of this notice and ensure that you take appropriate steps to get your cna license renewed.

This appropriate action states with finding your state’s Board of Nursing, and getting an application form. You should ensure that you meet the requirements that your State sets out to get the license renewed. You should take any certification examinations that your state’s Nursing Board says is necessary for you to take. If you haven’t already practiced the requisite number of hours within the two years that preceded your application for a new license, you will have to pass a subject-matter test. This will indicate to the Nursing Board officials that you are still perfectly capable of carrying out the role of a nurse, and other duties as a CNA.

You should finally submit your documents to the appropriate Board of Nursing. You should also provide the required fees, which usually include an expired license fee, if you have worked or admit to having had worked on an expired license in the past. Don’t resume work as a CNA until you have taken steps to renew your license and passing any tests.

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