What Objects Around The Home Can Be Square Based Pyramid Shape?


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There are many things around the home that could be this shape. One such example is a bird feeder that dispenses seeds or other foods for birds in the garden.

Though, it's true that more tings around the home are generally more conventional shapes, and hence something is more likely to be this shape if it is simply a decorative object, Many people use pyramid prisms as a decorative object in their living rooms. The pyramid is made of glass and reflects light from outside around the room, making it an attractive and interesting piece to have within the home.

You may also have a cheese grater that is this shape. Often cheese graters take this form so that there can be four different kinds of cheese grating tools on the four sides of the pyramid. The bottom is cut out so that the cheese that is grated can land on the surface underneath and obviously not just get stuck in the pyramid shape.

Do you own a cat? Then your cat's bed could be a pyramid! Many cat beds are this shape so that the cat has enough room at the bottom to sleep in, and feels safe and comfortable at the same time due to the fact that the roof closes in and makes a space in which only the cat can fit. This is a really common kind of design for cat beds and is great for the animal. Cats like to be alone, they like to be independent and they don't like sharing their space. This is why many people purchase these square based pyramid cat beds.

If you simply look round your home you are bound to find more things that are this shape than you initially thought there would have been. Just have a look around and you might be surprised.
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Bird feeder

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