How To Change 18/25 Into A Decimal?


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Kay it's like this...

First 25 goes into 100 how many times? The answer is 4

Now take 4 and X it by 18U then get  72

Now there is three 0 in 100.

So then the answer is  >>>>>>   .072

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We don't convert. Just judge yourself.

E.g. If the repeating fraction is. 3.33333

Then , which two numbers will you divide to get a result of 3.


9/3 = 3

now increase the nominator by 1 and keep increasing until you don't get the desired result.


9+1 / 3 = 10 / 3
= 3.33333333333333333333
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Put a line over the repeating and then put it over 100 then convert it back into a decimal by dividing bottom number in to top then move that over 2 places and then put over 100 and reduce
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I'll give a tip...
If 0.3333 was to be converted to fractions here are the easy steps.
Copy the repeating decimal places as in the example "3"
then if it has just 1 decimal place... Just put 9 as the denominator because it is just 1 place. If the decimal is 0.23 --- the answer would be 23/99... Got it?
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I don't want to change 18/25 into a decimal I need to have 5 18/25 turned into a decimal can anyone help me?

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