Why Grading System Is Better Than Marks?


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A grading system and a "marks" system are really the same thing, so one of them is not better than the other. For example, getting a grade of B on a report card will mean (in most school systems) that a student received a mark between 80 and 90 percent. Usually, a letter grade will be assigned' however, a teacher or professor will also record an exact percentage, such as 80 or 82 percent. Therefore, there is really no difference between a letter grade or mark system, in terms of how a student is doing in classes.

Tips On Getting Better Grades

• Worrying about marks and grade systems can be stressful; however, a student who is well-prepared for tests, and practices good study habits throughout the school year will always have less to worry about when grading or marking time comes around. The best way to improve school performance is by setting up a study schedule that is followed diligently. Instead of cramming at the last minutes, and then sweating out the time period between writing a test or exam and receiving a mark, it's better to study a little bit every day, and then feel calm and confident when writing tests or examinations.

• A speed-reading course can be an excellent way to improve study skills; many college students or high school students who speed up their reading times end up saving plenty of hours of studying - they streamline the process to get the same results in a shorter amount of study hours. Speed-reading is taught online or in classrooms - it's a great way to boost the whole studying process. If a student learns speed-reading properly, they will be able to retain most of what they read; reading faster won't affect their comprehension in a negative sense. If you read slowly, it may be time to consider a speed-reading course that allows you to cover more course material over a shorter time frame.

Studying is the key to good grades - there are really no short cuts. When a student is prepared, letter grades versus other marking systems won't be much of an issue.

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