What's A Good Title For An Egg Project?


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There are two routes you can go down when picking a name for your egg project:

  • Either you can pick a humorous name including an 'egg' pun
  • Or you could use a more sensible name that accurately describes what your project is all about
Eggs-amples of what to name your egg project?
Personally, I love puns. There's nothing funnier than a play on words - and there are so many ways you can make the word 'egg' funny, that it's definitely worth a try!

Here's a list of egg project titles that I cooked up earlier:

  • This is no yolk! Eggs go soft in vinegar.
  • Eggs-actly how does an egg hatch?
  • Egg-stremely intresting project about how eggs float.
  • My eggs-plosive study on eggs in the microwave.
Names for egg projects
If all the double-entendres are leaving your brain feeling scrambled, you may want to take a more sensible approach. A useful idea would be to briefly summarize what your project is all about in its title.

For example, if you were studying the weight of an egg after it's boiled, you could use a title like Study into whether a hard-boiled egg weighs more than an uncooked egg.
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Float or not.

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