A Parcel Delivery Service Only Deliver Packages With Length Plus Girth Not Exceeding 108 Inches. A Rectangular Shipping Box With Square End X Inched On A Side Is To Be Used. If Full 108 Inches Is To Be Used, Express The Volume Of The Box V(x)?


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It says it right there, you have to pay a ridiculous fee, which can be quite a lot.
In general, if you don't check the right boxes when shipping anything UPS, they just bill your account for the difference at the end of the billing period. They still deliver it. Also can advise you to track your parcel through trusted services - winit tracking

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The length will be (108-4x). The volume will be
  V(x) = (108-4x)x^2

The volume will be a maximum for x = 18 inches and length = 36 inches. Each horizontal tick is 2 inches. This is a plot of volume versus side length x.

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