What Is The Meaning Of Aggregate 55% Of Marks From A Recognized University?


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The aggregate marks meaning relates to the overall mark that you scored from all the semesters that you took part in during that year at university. In this case, your total percentage of all the scores from your semesters was 55%. A lot of students want to know their grade point average when they are at university so they know how well they are doing in terms of performance and where they're ranked. There is a way that you can work out the GPA yourself.

  • How to work out your GPA: Step 1
You need to make sure that you have all the relevant transcripts that state all your grades and how many credits you got for each module. If you don't have them all to hand you can ask someone in the university office to gather them for you.

  • Step 2
Each university has a GPA scale and it should be located in the handbook that you were given on arrival. You will see how many points are given for an A, B, C and so on. There will also be a certain amount subtracted if you were awarded a minus mark and the opposite if you got a plus grade.

  • Step 3
Go through all of the grades you've accumulated over the year and note down which points you got for each of them according to the handbook. After that you should multiply all the points that you have by the amount of credits accompanied with each module.

  • Step 4
Following that, add together the value for each module that you have and then add all the credit hours from each class. Your last step is to divide all the points by all the credits and then you will have your GPA.
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Aggregate 55% of marks means the total of all semesters marks or percentage that is
if you obtained:
60% in 1st sem
70% in 2nd sem
80% in 3rd sem
60% in 4th sem
50% in 5th sem
40% in 6th sem
The total %tage is 360 out of 6 sems

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