What is the cutoff mark of medicine in university of Ibadan?


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If you are looking to study medicine at the University of Ibadan in 2011-2012, you will have to be sure of several things and able to fill in the application very quickly. To apply, you need to:

• Make sure you are a prospective candidate

Before applying, check to see if you get your results for your exams before the 31st August 2011, else you will not be applicable to attend the University of Ibadan this year. If you get your results before this day, you should still be able to apply and, as long as you get the grades, you will be in with a good chance of getting into the University of Ibadan for your Medicine course.

• Applying

If you are still looking to apply for the University of Ibadan this year, you need to be incredibly quick! The deadline for applications for the 2011-2012 year is the 17/08/2011, which is tomorrow! You will need to get the application filled out and have the money to pay for the schooling (N2,000) in full, meaning that you may be out of pocket for a good while after paying out. Also, when you are applying, you need to make sure that you make Ibadan University your first choice for your university.

The benefits of going to university are endless. It allows you to gain a qualification that can set you apart from the competition when you are looking for a career in the future, help you gain new social opportunities and make new friends, and it can be the start of your new independent lifestyle. Leaving home and becoming independent in a relatively safe environment is a great way to start edging your way into the real world.

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