What is the cutoff mark for Mechanical engneering in federal Universities?


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The cut off mark for mechanical engineering in federal universities is anything between 180 and 200 depending on individual university requirements.
· Student numbers

The better mark that someone gets, the more chance they have of getting a place at a federal university because the days when a student could be certain of getting a place by just scraping by with the minimum of marks has long gone.

Nowadays, due to funding cuts and harsh economic pressures, student places have been cut drastically, regardless of the fact that there are now more students than ever who are applying to study. In fact, there has been 31% fewer available places at federal universities this year compared to last, and at least one in seven applications have been refused a place.
· Students dropping out

What makes this even more frustrating is that huge numbers of students are dropping out in their first year. There are a number of reasons for this and there are those that criticize the way that students are selected in the first place. It has been suggested that there isn't enough time given to ensuring that those who manage to get onto a course will stay.

Other criticisms have been levied at the courses themselves, and the way in which they are taught, which it has been said, alienates many students and so they have little chance of success. One of these methods is that the vast majority of courses are taught in English, which can immediately become a barrier to learning.

The sad thing is that instead of addressing these problems directly, it is being suggested that students should perhaps look to community colleges rather than the federal universities in order to further their education.

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