What Is The Cutoff Mark For University Jamb 2010/2011?


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In order to answer this question, I would need to know exactly which university you were referring to. This is because, although most universities have a JAMB pass mark, the cutoff varies greatly between universities. For example, in 2010/2011, most universities required at least 180, although some required 200, and many specialist courses such as medicine required at least 240. Therefore, it depends upon what university you wish to apply to, and what course you plan to study.

JAMB is a board which is active in Nigeria. JAMB stands for the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board. JAMB administers and controls the UTME, which is the Unified Tertiary Matriculating Examination, once per year. The UTME an examination which students are required to sit if they wish to go to a university of polytechnic institute of higher education in Nigeria. The mark they receive in their UTME test will determine whether or not they will be accepted by the educational institute, so the UTME test is very important to Nigerian students. Previously, different examinations were sat by students depending on what kind of further education institute they wished to apply for. However, now, there is one exam for all students.

In order to sit the UTME, you are required to purchase an application form. These are available to buy online, at post offices, from JAMB offices and from a number of banks, usually for 4600 Naira. The banks which sell JAMB application forms include:

• Access Bank
• Diamond Bank
• Guaranty Trust Bank
• Intercontinental Bank
• Oceanic Bank
• Skye Bank PLC

However, there are many other banks which offer the JAMB application form, so it may be a good idea to ring up your nearest bank to check whether or not they sell the application form. Upon purchasing an application form, you will receive a scratch card with a unique serial number and PIN number. Keep this card safe, as you will need the numbers on it to register online for the JAMB examination.
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The cutoff mark for university jamb 2010/2011 is atleast 200
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Fut minna 190
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I guess is 200 upward for science
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Since we have 500,000 vacancy to be admited into higt institution I thing 190 cut off point much better for universities and 170  poly and colleges.

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