What Is The Cutoff Mark For Obafemi Awolowo University Jamb?


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The cut-off mark for Obafemi Awolowo University (JAMB) is not listed on the Internet - there are some bogus lists of cut-off marks posted on Internet website message boards, but these should probably be avoided, as they can be quite misleading. The only way to get factual, accurate information about JAMB cut-off marks for Obafemi Awolowo University is to contact JAMB and Obafemi Awoloqo University representatives directly.

Study Tips For Getting Into University
  • The best African schools will set academic standards, and students will need to meet them before they can ascend into the world of post-secondary education. For example, a grade which is several percentages above a typical passing mark of 50% may be required to get into an African university. Certain fields of study, such as medicine or law, which require greater levels of aptitude, logic, and discipline, may require higher academic levels for applicants.
  • Since the cut-off marks will vary from program to program, the best choice is to work hard, study diligently, and prepare to get a percentage of 80% or more. With this type of average, it's usually possible to get into any competitive academic program in an African university. However, it's always best to confirm cut-off levels with University and JAMB personnel before filling out an application.
  • If getting good marks is a problem, hiring a tutor, or asking for help will be appropriate. It's better to get academic assistance quite a while before taking any important test or exam, since it may take time to improve academic performance.
Good study habits require students to quiet down and focus intensely on the subject matter; removing distractions, such as the Internet, cell phones, stereos, and televisions can be a wise policy. In order to stay motivated, focus on future career goals, rather than focusing on what other fun activities you could be doing, instead of studying for a test or examination.
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What would you like to know?
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Maybe it will be 180 or 200 becos of the percentage that score 200 and above.

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