What is the cut-off mark of micro-biology at the university of ibadan for 2011/2012?


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Unless you have already completed an application and received your exam results from your O Levels prior to March 2011, you will be unable to attend the University of Ibidan to study microbiology this year. The only options you may have in regards to getting onto a microbiology course depend upon whether you have applied for any other universities other than the University of Ibidan. If you have applied at different universities, you may still be in with a chance of studying microbiology elsewhere.

To check if you are on the list to study at another university, you can:

• Get in touch with your examination board and ask for your results.
• Get in touch with your chosen universities and inquire about places.
• If they have places, you may be asked to go for an interview.
• If you haven't been offered a place at a chosen university, you may be able to apply through a system called "Clearing".

The "Clearing" system may be available in your country, which will mean that any courses with places that haven't been filled, either due to their not being enough pupils getting the grades or general spaces, will be listed for you to choose from all around the country. This means that, even if you feel you have no hope currently in regards of getting onto a university course, you may be able to get into a completely different course in a completely different city or town.

If you choose not to go to university this year, you can instead opt for choices such as getting a job or getting yourself into an internship where you can build yourself up into a new job. There are so many different opportunities available to you, if you don't wish to go to university this year, so don't lose hope.

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