What Is The Format Of Introduction In Fashion Show Which Is Held In My College?


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This really is a question for somebody at your college. It is impossible for anyone to answer this question who does not know your college or know anything about the fashion show you are putting on.

However, most fashion shows follow the same kind of format, so if it is anything like your average show it won't be too complicated. Most fashion shows are put on to display the work of a particular designer, but if this is a college event, it will probably be in order to display the work of a number of students, probably in the field of fashion.

Most fashion shows have a catwalk which is rather like a run way on which the models will walk up and down to display their clothes and garments. It can be known for some fashion shows to be static affairs however, this is where models will be standing or sitting in a set environment instead of walking along the run way.

The order the models appear on stage is usually decided prior to the event and will typically be chosen by the designer as they see this as the best way of displaying their different designs, rather than having all the designs displayed at once.

Despite these different types of fashion show formats, the one at your college may well be different, so it is worth checking with an organizer about how the show will be presented.

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