What Is The Difference Between The Perimeter And The Area Of A Polygon?


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A polygon refers to a many sided figure. You need to use specific formulas for finding the area and perimeter of a specific polygon. E.g the formula for the area and perimeter of triangle is not same as the formula for area and perimeter of a rectangle. However, the link below will help you in understanding the basic concepts behind the area and perimeter value of a polygon:
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The perimeter is the sum of each side, the area is the inside area  surrounded by the edges.
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Find the perimeter of the polygon with vertices at (1,3) , (7,3) ,(7,7) and (4,7)
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Perimeter have 9 unit and area have 4 unit
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There are sixty -four kittens in the box. One eighth of the kittens are male. How many of the kittens are male?
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It is the difference between fencing and carpet (or paint). Perimeter refers to the 1-dimensional length of the edge. (Fence is usually installed around the perimeter of a space.) Area refers to the number of squares of a given size required to cover the 2-dimensional space (carpet squares, for example).
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