P = 2l + 2w Solve W. Can You Help?


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P = 2L + 2W    (Starting equation. I'm using caps so L is not confused with 1)
P-2L = 2L - 2L + 2W    (subtract 2L from both sides, note that the 2L terms on the right cancel each other. We choose to subtract 2L for just that reason: So the term on the right disappears.)
P - 2L = 2W    (same as above)
(P - 2L)/2 = 2W/2    (divide both sides by 2)
P/2 - L(2/2) = W(2/2)    (divide out on the left, consolidate the 2s on the right. Recognize that 2/2=1 and we can eliminate that multiplier.)
P/2 - L = W    (here is the equation solved for W)

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Ok well the guy above me got the problem wrong its 2L not 21
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W= P-21/2 or w= p-10.5

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