How I Write A Letter For My Aunt To Ask Her How Is She?


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In this technical age, the simple act of writing a letter to a loved one or friend, has become far less common. Once a much used form of communication, the instant yet impersonal text message and email, has now superseded what was once one of the only ways of keeping in touch.

The contents of a letter will depend on who your intended recipient is, for example a covering letter to a job application will be formal in layout, whereas that to a family member will be more personal.

What you write to your Aunt is completely up to you, however as a guideline you could touch upon the following subjects/topics.

  • Ask her how she is, inquiring as to what she has been doing i.e. Hobbies, work etc.
  • Inquire to how her family is and their health.
  • Explain why you are writing.
  • Tell her about your work, hobbies etc.
  • Inform her of any changes to your relationship status.
  • Tell her about your own family and their health.
  • As well as content, you should also think about the layout of your letter.
  • You should put your address in the top right corner of the letter, and other contact details such as a telephone number or email address.
  • The name and address of your Aunt would then go below this on the left-hand-side, followed by a space and then the date on which you wrote the letter.
  • As use the salutation, 'Dear Aunt' followed by her name.
  • To finish the letter, as this is a letter to a relation and not a professional letter, you can write 'love from' or something similarly informal.

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