Can you tell me how to cause trouble in school, without getting in trouble myself? :)


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Clogging up toilets&taps. Shoot rubber bands at the teacher when he/she is turned around. Laser pointer pens are amazing to annoy teachers. Hide your phone and let someone ring it.

Be creative, you'll find something insane to do one day
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My friend would go to 2 different first years and tell them that the other person has said something about their family. The first years don't even know each other and they end up fighting=)
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Jack Milligan
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That would be mean. I will try that! :)
alexia smith
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Ive only notived know that you tagged it as relationships, dating and love.. Are you trying to impress someone lol?=)
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No. They just seem the easiest to answer. :)
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HAHA! Open up a milk container and go to the bathroom (lift up roof and place it down) or locker, put the milk in there and let it rot. I done that at my school and evacuated the building=)
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Put the fire alarm on. Ive done that a few times to waste lesson time especially in maths
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What I do is when the teacher leaves the room stand up on the chair and yell then when the teach comes baq tell my friend to all yell y did you do that and say the nerds name LOL!

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