V=NRT/P, How to solve for T?


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Mark Mottian answered
V = NRT/P (your statement)

V * P = NRT/P * P (multiply by P on both sides; to get NRT on its own)

VP = NRT (simplify)

VP/NR = NRT/NR (divide by NR on both sides; to get T on its own)

VP/NR = T (simplify)

T = VP/NR (exchange sides)
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Duane Bryant answered
If V = NRT/P  then by multiplying both sides by P, PV =NRT.  By dividing both sides by T, PV/T = NR.  By dividing both sides byl PV, 1/T = NR/PV.  By inverting both sides, T = PV/NR.

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