What Is The Importance Of Learning Mathematics?


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It's life, mate! From start to end.

So when you hand over a twenty to pay for something that cost less £10 ($10), how will you be able to check your change correctly if you can't count the change?

When you have to drive 300 miles, and you know you can travel 50 mph on average, how do you know how long it will take you if you can't do division?

When you need to cook something and triple the amount of people the recipe will feed, how do you do it without multiplication?

Fancy a manual job like being a brickie? You can't figure out how many bricks you need for a job without multiplying.

Do you fancy having kids one day? Would you like to build your son a go-cart? You'll need to understand geometry and trigonometry, then.

And even if you ignore all these daily things, mathematics gives meaning to science and scientific results -- especially the branch called statistics. When you hear some latest scientific research study on the news, you won't be able to understand it for yourself if you can't half-follow the maths and stats.

Moreover, engineering doesnt' happen without lots of maths, either. Manufacturing, industry, all those clever electronic toys? They couldn't be built without some pretty good maths understanding.

Do you like music? The rules of music follow precise mathematics, too.
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Importance of learning mathematics
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I think Now a days Mathematics are most beneficial & high qualified field  That's why it is important.

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