How can I get a scholarship? I'm from Philippines


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There are a number of different options you can take on this one, but they're mostly to do with your academic history:

  • CHED Scholarship
CHED Scholarship programs offer scholarships through the National Scholarship Program (NSP), in which you will get 15000PHP per semester if you were top of your class and have promising academic endeavors. More about this can be found by talking to a CHED officer of advisor.

Another CHED scholarship is the Regional Scholarship Program (RSP) where everyone can take an examination to see if they are eligible. The amount payable will be determined by your results and current financial situation. Processing paperwork for this will take a very long time, so be sure that you have researched this option before you start your academic career.

  • Academic Scholarship
An Academic Scholarship may be available through your university, where you will have to produce good grades consistently to continue getting a regulated scholarship. This can be very risky if you do not intend on keeping up your grades. More information can be found by inquiring at your elected university and talking to a financial aid advisor. Academic Scholarships are usually very rewarding.

  • Student Assistance Program
If your university does not offer an Academic Scholarship, they are legally required to offer a Student Assistance (SA) Program, whereby the university has to offer some form of financial aid to students coming from less privileged backgrounds.

You will have to perform a number of checks for this and will have to provide evidence of parental income. With the SA program, you will never be handed money into your bank account, but you will be offered a minimum of five hours of work a day for the university. This will be deducted from your tuition.

  • City Scholarships
There are also City Scholarships, where you can get scholarships offered from your local government. Your city should have an advisor regarding this issue.

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