What is the cut off mark for Oko Polytechnic?


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The current cut off mark for Oko Polytechnic institute of education is 150 points. However, this is subject to change, and you should check with the admissions board to find out the exact cut off mark. If you discover you have achieved a score slightly lower than the one required, it is recommended you contact the institute to seek admission; if there are spaces free, they may choose to accept you onto your chosen course anyway. Alternatively, they may offer you a place on a different course - either way, it is well worth finding out.

  • Polytechnic institutions in America

The Anambra Polytechnic institution in Oko is an example of a typical polytechnic educational institution. Polytechnic institutions offer higher education courses that relate to the study of technology. Often these courses are theory based, although some are more practical and suitable for those who wish to study at a community college level. American Polytechnics focus on scientific research as well as education, and gaining a degree from such an institution will prepare a student for a life of work in the technological industry.

  • Gaining admissions to a Polytechnic

If you would like to study at a Polytechnic, in most circumstances you should apply through your school. You can apply to an institute towards the end of your high school career; your chosen institute will view your application and academic record, before deciding whether to offer you a place. If you are successful in gaining an offer, it is likely to be subject to your performance in your final high school year. Besides academic work, there are other factors that a Polytechnic will take into account, such as any work experience you have, non-academic achievements and your enthusiasm for the course.

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