What Is The 2010/2011 Jamb Cut Off Mark For Ilaro Polytechnic?


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The amount of marks required to gain admission to Ilaro Polytechnic through the JAMB exam is not specified online as far as we are aware. However, it is believed that Ilaro Polytechnic are not using the JAMB exam results to consider candidates for admission. Instead they are using exam results from the JCE exam.

  • Performance is key for your future

The most important thing when sitting any exam, regardless of the exam board, is that you try your utmost to achieve as many marks as possible. Do not simply try and get the pass mark. Look to excel yourself and then you don't have to worry about the pass mark.

For those who are looking to check the results of their JAMB (Joint Admissions and Marticulation Board) this can be done online through . The website requires that you have two pieces of information before you can proceed to checking your results and these are your registration number and the date of when you sat your exam.

  • Differences in the JAMB system

Unlike some of the systems used by other examination board, the JAMB system does not require you to input a PIN or serial number in order to check your results. All that is required is the candidate's individual registration number and the examination year.

If candidates are experiencing any problems retrieving their results or any other issues that they should get in contact with the support team. This can be done via email and via telephone and the details are available on the JAMB website.

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