Why Aren't 6th Graders Able To Play Sports?


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If you don't have a team at school, start a team in your community, but most schools can play sports at school you just don't get to travel to other schools until a certain grade....the best to you
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Where I stay at in Texas 6th graders still have to wait until the 7th grade to play sports. I had to wait until my 7th grade year to do sports.
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You are allowed just with your school's teams at least I was allowed to when I was in 6th grade
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Cause Your Just Newbies(: Nobody Really Likes The Sixth Graders Not To Be Mean But Yeh I Was Disliked In 6th grade First Day Of School O:
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But that's not fair you have to welcome the 6 graders into middle school be they don't know nun new yet they going to need some friends trust me you was a 6grader before how u think the 8&7 grader thought about u when u was a six grade they didn't like u either just like u don't like 6 grader

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