The Big Brother game has a lot of decisions to make such as putting two people up for eviction, is this a good idea to put in my essay since my essay will be about decision making? I am obsessed with the show.. I would love to be locked up:)


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No you don't want to be locked up in the BB madhouse with all those cameras 24/7 and constant streaming to millions of viewers.Any of the British BB winners always said they were glad to get out as it was making them stir crazy.But that's a great topic for an essay.A friend's sister used that subject as a Uni dissertation in Media Studies and ended up with a 2:1 ( Grade B ).
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You seriously obsessed with tht? LOOL I find it sooo in Britain not many of us like it..(esp where I live) in my opinion its just a load of crap and a waste of reality TV and its really boring..the only thing thats makes it interesting is JEDWARD..LOL..but for an essay its good , aslong as you don't go on about how much you love it! XD and you could say psychologically it puts strain on you as putting people up for eviction may cause conflict? Anyways good luck,..8)
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Oh no you don't especially since you say youre such a weakling and jail nor prison is no place to be weak in

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